Ostra's Privacy Policy

Last Updated: June 2nd, 2022

Welcome! This Privacy Policy explains what data Ostra collects about its Users, how we handle the data, and the steps we take to protect your data. Usage of this Website and the Service are governed under this Privacy Policy.

The "Service" refers to
  • This website, including its subdomains and any other website through which Ostra's services may be accessed;
  • The Application Programming Interfaces (API);
  • Integrations within third-party applications or services (including but not limited to Ostra's Discord bot);


  • We only collect what we need. We don't store much about you, only what is necessary to provide the Service and a good user experience.
  • Your data is kept private. We don't share your data with any third-parties. This website doesn't have ads either.
  • Not much data is required. In most cases, only the most basic information about your Discord account and your Discord server is necessary to use Ostra.
  • We plan to keep it that way. Every new feature or service released by Ostra is carefully designed to protect your privacy as much as possible.

What data is collected?

This depends on how the Service is used by the User in question. For all Users of the Service, the following is collected:
  • Discord ID;
  • Discord Username;
  • Discord Discriminator;
  • Moderation actions performed by or against the User's Discord account;
  • The User's permissions in Discord servers using Ostra;
NOTE: This data may be collected without the user explicitly interacting with Ostra. This basic data is essential for the operation of the Service.

For Discord servers using Ostra, the following is collected about the server:
  • Server ID;
  • Server name;
  • Server member count;
  • Roles;
  • Channels;
  • Moderation actions and configuration changes performed by server members;
NOTE: These lists are not 100% exhaustive, and the data collected about Users and Discord servers may change as Ostra makes changes to the Service.

How do we use it?

User and server data may be used to:
  • Provide the expected functionality of the Service;
  • Monitor the Service and our Platforms to ensure smooth operation of the Service;
  • Make improvements to the Service;
  • Provide a personalized experience on the Service;
  • Better understand our userbase through aggregated analytics;
  • Protect us, the Service, and our Users from malicious Users or Discord servers violating our Terms of Service;

How long is it stored?

In most cases, indefinitely. Ostra does not automatically delete data from inactive Users or Discord servers, as it is required to continue to provide the Service to active Users. Most data stored by Ostra is for the moderation features of the Service, which would become unreliable if Users could delete or tamper with this data.

What steps do we take to protect it?

We take security very seriously, both in terms of the Service itself, as well as our Users and their data. Ostra does not share User data with any third-parties. Additionally, we routinely monitor our infrastructure to ensure the continued secure operation of the Service.

Updates to this policy

We may decide to update this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect on changes to the Service or the Platforms, for legal or regulatory purposes, or to prevent abuse on or of our Services or Platforms. Ostra will provide a reasonable advance notice when such changes are being made, except in the event the changes being made are urgent. By continuing to use the Website, the Service, or the Platforms following changes to this Privacy Policy, it means you agree to the changes. If you disagree, you must stop using them.

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